An image of Shane Robicheau, the 2024 Volunteer of the Year in front of a black backdrop with gold 2024 balloons behind him.

National Volunteer Week was celebrated from April 14-20, 2024.

On Thursday, April 18, 2024, the Municipality of Clare hosted its annual volunteer recognition banquet at the Clare Columbus Club. The Municipality of Clare extends its congratulations and thanks to all those who were nominated (see list below).

Our 2024 Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Mr. Shane Robicheau, who was nominated by the Clare Share Fridge Communautaire Society. During the banquet, our Deputy Warden, Mr. Eric Pothier shared a few words on Shane and his accomplishments:

“Shane is an accomplished chef and community-minded resident of Clare who has brought the importance of food security to the forefront of our municipality. In 2022, Shane came up with the idea of offering a free meal to our community's most vulnerable residents by organizing a free meal on Christmas Eve. Shane and his team of volunteers prepared and served 200 free meals. After this meal, Shane gathered the community's stakeholders to present the idea of launching a community fridge project in Clare. It wasn't long before the project gained momentum and Clare Share Fridge Communautaire was officially launched in July 2023.”

Clare Share Gang

IMAGE: The Clare Share Fridge Communautaire Society volunteers. From left to right: Nicole Comeau-LeBlanc, Cindy Comeau, Liette Comeau, Shane Robicheau, Aimélie Comeau, Amy Paradis, Renée Blinn, Martine Boudreau, Rachelle LeBlanc. 

Clare Share Fridge Communautaire Society operates a take-what-you-need, leave-what-you-can fridge and pantry system out of the Municipality of Clare's Cultural Hub in Comeauville. With help from the private sector, community groups and about a dozen volunteers, the not-for-profit group provides free food to the community to help reduce food insecurity and food waste. An average day can see 10 to 15 visits to the community fridge.

“Shane is the President of Clare Share Fridge Communautaire Society, but his acts of service go well beyond his organizational responsibilities. He averages 20 hours per week opening and closing the community fridge, restocking the fridge, food shopping, doing paperwork, networking with partner businesses and organizations, analyzing statistics and organizing community cook days” stated Deputy Warden Pothier.  

In addition to volunteering for Clare Share Fridge Communautaire Society, Shane is also an active volunteer for several other organizations in Clare. It's an impressive effort for any volunteer, but for a 25-year-old entrepreneur, Shane is a fantastic role model for young people in our community. Congratulations once again on this well-deserved award, Shane!

The following volunteers from various organizations were also honoured during our National Volunteer Week banquet:

1. Nadine Belliveau - Société Héritage Saint Bernard
2. Dianne Blinn et Suzanne Saulnier - Gran Fondo Baie Sainte-Marie
3. Marilyn Bullerwell - Havelock Wesleyan Church
4. Daniel Carrier - Club de volleyball de Clare
5. Carl Comeau - Clare Curling Association
6. Cecile Comeau - Little Brook Fire Department Auxiliary
7. Jean and Joyce Comeau - Meteghan Lions Club
8. Sherry Comeau Dahlgren - Clare Special Olympics
9. Wayne Comeau - Little Brook Volunteer Fire Department
10. Marcel d'Entremont - Clare Search and Rescue
11. Sherry Deveau - Meteghan Fire Department
12. Pat & Michelle Daugherty - Shuffleboard
13. Wayne Gaudet – Clare Christmas Daddies
14. Tania Grégoire - Association Boule Acadienne
15. Bryan Empson - Clare Golf and Country Club
16. Garth Killam - Clare Bluegrass Association
17. Elaine LeBlanc - Senior Fun Days
18. Janice LeBlanc - Les Ukeladies de Clare
19. Louise et Denise LeBlanc - Église Sacré-Cœur de Saulnierville
20. Kelly Maillet – 1st Scouts Canada Baie Sainte-Marie
21. Laura Maillet - Bangor Development Commission
22. Carina Matuchet - Le Club de natation Les Aquadiens de Clare
23. Yvon McCauley - Église St. Alphonse
24. Elaine Melanson - École Joseph Dugas
25. Lucy Melanson - Cribbage for meat
26. James et Léona Melanson - Église Stella Maris
27. Dr. Jillian Moore - Clare Health Centre Foundation
28. Ken Piggott - Sou'West Nova ATV Association
29. Katelyn Robichaud - Festival acadien de Clare
30. Mark Robichaud - La Baie SPCA
31. Shane Robicheau - Clare Share Fridge Communautaire Society
32. Ann Saulnier - La Guilde Acadienne de Clare
33. Darlene Saulnier - Clare Firefighters Association
34. Larry Smith - Knights of Columbus
35. Charles Surette - La Fanfare régionale de Clare
36. François Thibault - La Société acadienne de Clare
37. Hector Thibault - La Société historique acadienne de la Baie Sainte-Marie
38. Bernice Twaddle - Les Jeux Seniors de Clare
39. Brody White - Southville & Area Fire Department
40. Geraldine Burridge, Hazel Cormier, Helen Deveau and Pauline Rodgerson - Salmon River Volunteer Fire Department - Auxiliary
41. Board of Directors of the Radio Clare Association - L'Association Radio Clare

Thank you to all the volunteers within the Municipality of Clare, it's thanks to volunteers like you that our municipality is so rich in community spirit!

Group Photo Carl

From left to right:
Back row: Carl Deveau, Carl Comeau, Dianne Blinn, Sherry Comeau Dahlgren et Jean Comeau.
Front row: Marilyn Bullerwell, Suzanne Saulnier, Cecile Comeau, Nadine Belliveau, Joyce Comeau.

Group Photo Eric

From left to right:
Back row: Wayne Comeau, Sherry Deveau, Marcel d’Entremont et Eric Pothier.
Front row: Wayne Gaudet, Tania Grégoire, Pat Daugherty, Michelle Daugherty et Garth Killam.

Group Photo Nil

From left to right:
Back row: François Thibault, Katelyn Robichaud, James Melanson, Léona Melanson, Ann Saulnier et Nil Doucet.
Front row: Darlene Saulnier, Larry Smith et Charles Surette.

Group Photo Ronnie

From left to right:
Back row: Ronnie LeBlanc et Yvon McCauley.
Front row: Laura Maillet, Elaine Melanson, Carina Matuchet, Kelly Maillet et Elaine LeBlanc.

Group Photo Arnold

From left to right:
Back row: Arnold LeBlanc, Bernice Twaddle, Rolland Jaume, Irène Costentin et Gilles Saulnier.
Front row: Geraldine Burridge, Hazel Cormier, Pauline Rodgerson, Helen Deveau et Amy Paradis.