Little Brook, NS – February 7, 2020: The Municipality of Clare, Mainland Telecom and the Province of Nova Scotia today announced the phase-one rollout of a fibre optic network that will span 278 kilometres in Clare, reaching an estimated 4,600 residences and businesses.

The $9.95-million project is funded in cooperation with the Municipality of Clare, Mainland Telecom and Develop Nova Scotia. The Municipality will finance its portion of the project, up to a maximum of $2.45 million, over four years using solely monies from the Federal Gas Tax Fund. Mainland Telecom will be contributing $3.1 million, and $4.4 million will come from the Nova Scotia Internet Funding Trust as part of Develop Nova Scotia’s Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative.

“Introducing high-speed Internet to our rural community is a transformative project that will meaningfully impact the people who choose to live in, work in and travel to Clare,” stated Ronnie LeBlanc, Warden for the Municipality of Clare. “After years of diligent work, Council for the Municipality of Clare is pleased to help improve online access in our region. This will encourage innovation and interactivity among current and potential residents and investors to connect with our neighbours and with the world.”

The fibre optic network, designed for long-distance, high-performance data networking and telecommunications, will be installed by regional Internet Service Provider Mainland Telecom. Customers will have the option to choose either 300-Mbps or 1-Gbps monthly Internet connections.

“Mainland is very excited to move forward with the fibre network project,” said Nick MacArthur, Mainland Telecom’s spokesperson. “This initiative will provide residents and businesses in Clare with access to Internet speeds that are available in more urban parts of the Province and larger centres across the country. High-speed Internet of this calibre will foster new economic opportunities in the region.” Mainland Telecom acknowledges the dedicated efforts of the Municipality of Clare’s CAO, Warden and Council, along with Develop Nova Scotia’s positive contributions to work together with Mainland’s team to deliver the project.

The Municipality of Clare and Mainland Telecom will maintain a communication process with the residents and businesses in Clare in the months ahead and provide regular updates as the rollout progresses. In the coming weeks, the Municipality and Mainland Telecom will review Develop Nova Scotia’s second request for proposals and will discuss a possible application to build on the existing network to offer access to zones that were not covered in the first phase of the project.

Clare is one of multiple communities in Nova Scotia that have recently negotiated contracts in conjunction with Develop Nova Scotia and various Internet Service Providers. The Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative strategy will see high-speed Internet access available to more than 95 percent of Nova Scotia residences and businesses.


Settled in 1768 and incorporated in 1879, the Municipality of Clare is located at the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia with approximately 8,000 residents. The Municipality of Clare is the only municipality in the province that conducts business and offers services in both official languages, French and English.

Mainland Telecom is an Annapolis Valley-based telecommunications company that has been serving customers in Atlantic Canada for over 10 years. Mainland is committed to providing local communities with local solutions to offer world-class access to internet services.

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