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Part 1 - Committees

    1. The Council shall appoint standing committees and may appoint Special Committees.
    2. The Warden is a member, ex-officio, of every Committee, over and above the number prescribed therefor.
    1. When the Council refers a matter to a Committee the Committee shall submit a written report upon it, signed by a majority of the members of the Committee, to the Council.
    2. The Clerk shall file and preserve all such Reports as part of the proceedings of the Council.
    1. The Council shall appoint the following standing Committees:
      1. Finance;
      2. Arbitration;
      3. Law amendments and By-Laws;
      4. Social Services;
      5. Industrial;
      6. Public Works;
      7. Sewer.
    2. All standing Committees shall consist of not less than three (3) members.
    3. Council may, by Committee of the whole replace the functions of the standing Committees and all recommendations of the Committee of the whole must be referred to Council for decision.
  4. Unless otherwise provided in this By-Law, the members of each Committee appointed under the provisions of this By-Law shall elect a Chairman from among their members.
  5. All minutes of Committees meetings shall be in writing and transcribed by a person appointed by the chairman of the Committee in consultation with the Municipal Clerk. All minutes of Committee meeting shall be filed with the Municipal Clerk not later than Ten (10) days after each meeting.

Part 2 - Functions

  1. Every standing Committee may execute contracts for expenditures of monies in accordance with Section 97 of the Municipal Act. All expenditures made under this section shall be reported to the Clerk-Treasurer.
  2. Unless specifically provided otherwise, the Finance Committee shall:
    1. Prepare a budget of a municipal expenditures for submission to the Council;
    2. Subject to Clause (d) of the section, consider and pass on all tenders, contracts and projects involving the expenditures of municipal funds;
    3. Examine all municipal expenditures;
    4. Inquire into and report to the Council on: licenses, fees, rates, taxes, loans, debentures, franchises and other means;
      1. Probable amounts of revenue;
      2. The collection of municipal taxes, fees, debts, and revenue generally;
    5. Inquire into and report to the Council on the regulation and licensing of trade or trades.
  3. The Arbitration Committee shall have power set out in Section 114 (3) of the Assessment Act.
  4. The Law Amendment and By-Laws Committee shall inquire into and advise the Council on the Law as it affects the Municipality, and shall have power to propose amendments of statutes, By-Laws and Regulations, and to urge the Legislature to alter the Law for the benefit of the Municipality.
  5. The Social Services Committee shall inquire into and advise the Council and Finance Committee on: The condition of the poor and indigent and other persons in need of public assistance.
  6. The Industrial Committee shall inquire into and advise the Council and Finance Committee upon:
    1. The establishing of industrial enterprises in the Municipality;
    2. The condition and encouragement of farming, fishing, and forestry.
  7. The Public Works Committee shall inquire into and advise the Council upon the maintenance of property owned or operated by the Municipality.
  8. The Sewer Committee shall Inquire into and advise the Council from time to time on the condition of the Meteghan Sewer System and the finances pertaining thereto.