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    1. The Seal of the Corporation shall by made of suitable material and have engraved on it the name of the Municipality.
    2. The Clerk shall keep the Seal.
    3. The Warden or Clerk may affix the Seal to any document for the purpose of authentication and a fee of Five Dollars ($5.00) shall be charged for such authentication.
    4. Notwithstanding Sub-section (3), no fee shall be charged for authentications or certificates of appointment of Municipal or District officers requires by Court of law.
    5. The Warden and Clerk shall affix the Seal to any authorized deed or contract which is required by law to be under the Seal and shall countersign such documents.
  2. The Clerk shall keep in his office a printed copy of the By-Laws of the Municipality amended to date, for sale in accordance with Section 200 subsection (3) of the Municipal Act.