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Municipality of the District of Clare
Wednesday, April 13, 2022, at 7:00 pm

PRESENT:   Council: Warden Yvon LeBlanc, Deputy Warden Eric Pothier, Councillors, Nil Doucet, Danny Hill, Philippe Gaudet, Carl Deveau, Brian Comeau, and Nadine Comeau.
Staff: CAO Stéphane Cyr, Director of Finance, Ginette Cheff, Director of Community Development, Pam Doucet, Recreation Manager, Tori Comeau, Tourism Manager, Larry Peach.

1) Call to Order
Warden Yvon LeBlanc called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm

2)  Approval of the Agenda

MOVED BY Councillor Danny Hill and SECONDED BY Councillor Nadine Comeau that the proposed agenda be approved as circulated.

3) Declaration of Conflict of Interest
The Warden asked for any declarations of conflict of interest.

  • Councillor Nadine Comeau declared a conflict with the Clare Curling Association’s funding application, under 7.1 Contract Negotiations / Grants to Organizations
  • Councillor Nil Doucet declared a conflict with the Belliveau Cove Development Commission’s funding application, under 7.1 Contract Negotiations / Grants to Organizations
  • Councillor Brian Comeau declared a conflict with l ’Association de Gymnastique de Clare’s funding application, under 7.1 Contract Negotiations / Grants to Organizations

4) Business Arising from Previous Council Meetings

5) Correspondence

6) New Business
6.1 Review of Draft Budget
The session commenced with a review of the sub-budgets pertaining to the Department of Community Development.

The Director of Community Development presented the Administration Budget for the department. It remains very similar to last year’s budget.

The Director of Community Development also presented the budget for Building Services. Again, this budget is very similar to the previous year’s budget in terms of expense categories and amounts. Revenues from building and development permits are projected to rise by $7,000, reflecting the increased construction activity throughout the Municipality. As for expenses, the amount budgeted for Conventions and Training has increased by $17,000, from $11,000 to $28,000, given the resumption of in-person meetings as well the training needs of the Municipality’s new full-time Building Inspector.

The Recreation Manager presented the draft recreation budget for 2022-23. Revenue is up    

$51,616 from 2021-2022 levels due to an easing of Covid-19 related restrictions, and the

Municipality’s management of the CJA day camps. Expenses are also up considerably, from

$168,755 in 2021-2022 to $242,846 in 2022-2023, once again representing a return to pre-

Covid program levels as well as incremental expenses resulting from the CJA day camps.

For the last sub-budget, the Tourism Manager presented his draft budget for 2022-2023. Revenues have increased by $7,517 over 2021-2022 budgeted levels while expenses are down by $810 over the previous year. Highlights include a continued focus on advertising and promotion, most notably the TMAC conference scheduled for June 2022, as well a continued focus on the Tourism Public Spaces Project.

The Director of Finance and the CAO presented the remainder of the Municipality’s proposed $10,864,791 operating budget for fiscal 2022-2023. The budget is balanced and calls for the residential and commercial property tax rates to remain unchanged from 2021-2022 levels, specifically $1.04 and $2.07 per $100 of assessment, respectively.

Other highlights include:

  • A commitment to the provision of services in both official languages
  • A continued focus on the Clare Health Centre and doctor recruitment efforts
  • A renewed focus on housing and immigration
  • Dedicated funding for various community organizations, services and events including Security for Seniors, the Transport de Clare, and the Festival acadien de Clare.

Council was pleased with the proposed budget and thanked staff for their effort.

7) Closed Session

PROPOSED BY Councillor Danny Hill and SECONDED BY Councillor Carl Deveau that Council proceed to an in-camera session.

Topic discussed:
7.1     Contract Negotiations / Grants to Organizations

PROPOSED BY Councillor Nadine Comeau and SECONDED BY Councillor Carl Deveau that Council return to the Special Meeting of Council.

7) Date and Time of the next Regular Council Meeting
The next Regular Council Meeting will be held on April 20, 2022, at 7:00 pm.

8) Adjournment
MOVED BY Councillor Nil Doucet to adjourn the meeting at 9:42 pm.

Submitted by:
Stephane Cyr
Chief Administrative Officer