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The Municipality of Clare is inviting proposals for the purchase and use of the former Saint-Albert Elementary School. Preference will be given to proposals that offer long-term socioeconomic benefits to the local community and to the Municipality as a whole. (Document here)

RFP Saint Albert Elementary School

CMA 2024 Bid Committee

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Little Brook, NS – January 15, 2019: After months of planning, consulting and rallying in the region, the CMA 2024 bid committee is proud to announce that the bid document for co-hosting the 7th Congrès mondial acadien (CMA) in the municipalities of Clare and Argyle is complete. The final document was sent to the Société Nationale de l’Acadie (SNA) by the January 15 deadline.

Once in its hands, the SNA will spend the next few months evaluating Clare and Argyle’s bid. The location of the host region for the 2024 CMA will be formally announced by the SNA in the spring of 2019. If Clare and Argyle’s bid is accepted, it will mark the first time that a local Nova Scotia community has hosted the CMA.

“The process of putting this bid together has allowed our members to reflect on the richness of this region,” said Allister Surette, spokesperson for the CMA 2024 bid committee. “Our community has produced many achievements. We hope to add the Congrès mondial acadien to this list of accomplishments.”

The proposed theme “Venez vivre votre Acadie” (Come live your Acadie), is nod to the centuries-long Acadian roots of the community and the recognition that the worldwide Acadian identity is united in its diversity. The bid committee proposes that the event be held over nine days from August 10 to 18, 2024. It recommends a budget of $8.5 million to be financed by various levels of government, the private sector, community contributions and self-generated revenues.

Since announcing its plan to bid on hosting the prestigious event, the municipalities of Clare and Argyle sought the services of Martin Theberge Consultant to help prepare the bid document. With the assistance of Mr. Théberge, the bid committee held two public consultations to inform and engage with members of the community regarding the possibility of hosting the CMA in the region.

The social media campaign “J’appuie #CLARGYLE CMA 2024” was launched in November 2018 to help promote the hosting bid. The hashtag #CLARGYLE was introduced to emphasize the strong ties shared by the two municipalities. The Facebook and Instagram pages have served as useful tools for mobilizing the Acadian community within the region and beyond.

A letter-writing campaign amassed more than 400 letters of support from individuals, businesses, organizations and government institutions at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. Students from the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP) also took part in the letter-writing campaign with great enthusiasm.

“We have spent months consulting with residents, organizations and the business community,” said Mr. Théberge. “The bid committee has received confirmation that the people of the Acadian region of Southwest Nova Scotia support our bid to bring home the CMA in 2024.”

About the CMA
The CMA is an international gathering of Acadian culture that is held every five years. Its mission is to fortify the ties among Acadian communities around the world. The event also allows host municipalities to showcase their part of the world on an international scale through activities such as family reunions, conferences and celebrations. The event, which could attract up to 100,000 participants, could have positive economic repercussions for the region and neighbouring communities.

About the CMA 2024 bid committee
Members of the CMA 2024 bid committee:
Clint Bruce, Canada Research Chair in Acadian and Cross-National Studies, Université Sainte-Anne; Réanne Cooper, student, Université Sainte-Anne; Stéphane Cyr, Chief Administrative Officer, Municipality of Clare; François d'Entremont, Project Coordinator, Conseil acadien de Par-en-Bas; Chris Frotten, Chief Administrative Officer, Municipality of Barrington; Sally Kenney, Executive Director, Conseil acadien de Par-en-Bas; Charlene LeBlanc, Community Development Officer, Municipality of Argyle; Daniel LeBlanc, Executive and Artistic Director, Festival acadien de Clare; Gwen LeBlanc, Economic Development, Employability and Innovation Officer, CDÉNÉ, Argyle Region; Alain D. Muise, Chief Adminisrative Officer, Municipality of Argyle; Larry Peach, Tourism Manager, Municipality of Clare; Natalie Robichaud, Executive Director, la Société acadienne de Clare; Allister Surette, President and Vice-Chancellor, Université Sainte-Anne; Chantal Surette, student, Université Sainte-Anne.

Settled in 1768 and incorporated in 1879, the Municipality of Clare is located at the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia with approximately 8,000 residents. The Municipality of Clare is the only municipality in the province that conducts business and offers services in both official languages, French and English.

Incorporated in 1880, the Municipality of Argyle is located at the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia with approximately 7,900 residents. The Municipality of Argyle is home to the province’s first wind farm and the village of Pubnico, the oldest Acadian region still inhabited by the descendants of its founder.

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For more information :

Amy Paradis
Communications Officer
Municipality of Clare
Tel.: (902) 769-2031, ext. 223
Cell: (902) 778-2079

Allister Surette
President and Vice-Chancellor
Université Sainte-Anne
Tel.: (902) 769-2114, ext. 7300

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allister surette consultation CLARGYLE 12 dec

Allister Surette, spokesperson for the CMA 2024 bid committee, during the public consultation in Clare on December 12, 2018.
Photo credit: Marc d’Entremont

dossier de candidature CMA 2024 Acadie du Sud Ouest NS

The bid document to host the CMA in the Acadian region of Southwest Nova Scotia in 2024 was sent out on the morning of January 15, 2019.

We support #CLARGYLE!

campagne CLARGYLE consultations

The residents of Clare and Argyle participate in the public consultation evenings on December 11 and 12, 2018.

campagne CLARGYLE participation jeunesse

Students from the CSAP showed their support with great enthusiasm.

The Municipality of Clare wishes to announce that Access Nova Scotia’s Digby office now offers the Property Online land registration service. For a nominal fee, visitors can search the Property Online database for land ownership information, including property maps for the entire province.

Many thanks to Gordon Wilson, Member of the Legislative Assembly for Clare-Digby, for his support in bringing this service back to the area.

For more information on the Property Online land registration service, visit the Access Nova Scotia Digby office (338 Highway 303, Digby), or go to https://novascotia.ca/sns/access/land/property-online.asp.


Temporary closure of the Clare Health Centre

Main floor only From 12:00 p.m. Friday October 5, 2018 to 8:00 a.m. October 11, 2018

The Clare Health Centre (main floor) will be closed as of noon Friday, October 5, 2018 to 8:00 a.m. Thursday, October 11, 2018.

This closure is necessary in order to change our electronic medical records to a new system.

  1. Ensure all your prescriptions are up to date.
  2. Call 902-645-2829 for information about on-call services.
  3. During this period of time, report to the emergency room for urgent medical problems, or call 911 for emergencies. For medical advice dial 811.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we go through this transition.

Dear Residents of Clare,

The Municipality of Clare, Vélo Baie Sainte-Marie and its community partners are excited once again to be organizing the Gran Fondo Baie Sainte-Marie cycling event on Sunday, September 23, 2018!

Why a Gran Fondo?
Gran Fondo is a fun cycling event that extends our tourist season, combines a healthy lifestyle, outdoor recreation and Acadian hospitality into an unforgettable experience for participants. We are now the largest cycling event east of Quebec! Gran Fondo Baie Sainte-Marie strives for continuous improvement and sustainability by reinvesting revenues, if any, from one year's event into the next. Our event creates a significant amount of economic activity in Clare and throughout the region. Everyone benefits!

How will traffic be affected?
We are working closely with the RCMP and NS Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal to develop a traffic control plan to safely start the event at the Vélo Baie Sainte-Marie bike shop in Saulnierville (9976 Highway 1, Saulnierville). Traffic will be temporarily restricted from passing on Highway 1 from Eustache Comeau Rd. to in front of the bike shop from 8 am to 10 am (except in the case of local traffic and emergency vehicles). The same detour will be in place heading west at Patrice Road. Please use Highway 101 for travel when possible.

  • The 161 km Super Gran starts at 8:30 am, the 118 km Gran Fondo at 8:45 am, 67 km Medio Fondo at 9:00 am and 35 km Piccolo at 9:15 am. The Start/Finish will be at the Vélo Baie Sainte-Marie bike shop.
  • Please drive carefully as there will be 950+ cyclists enjoying our incredible scenery and culture!
  • There will be a motorcycle escort for each ride as well as lead and sweep vehicles (motorcycles and trucks with amber lights) for the duration of the event.
  • There will be a moving closure plan with the assistance from the local fire departments where vehicles driving onto Highway 1 will be held back while cyclists pass (8:15 am to 9:45 am) at all intersections along Highway 1 between Vélo Baie Sainte-Marie bike shop and Patrice Road in Church Point. Volunteers will be situated at several intersections to assist cyclists in navigating key turns.
  • It is expected that the Super and Gran Fondo rides will last for several hours until approximately 4 pm.

What is the best way to share the road with cyclists?

  • Leave at least 1 metre (3 feet) of space when passing a cyclist.
  • You may cross a yellow line to pass a cyclist if it is safe to do so. Only pass if there is no oncoming traffic. If you can’t pass safely, wait.
  • Cyclists can’t always ride on the extreme right. Sometimes the edge of the road may be in poor condition or the cyclist may be preparing for a left turn.

How can I help?
Since 85% of the participants are from outside of Clare, let’s show off our famous Acadian hospitality! Please support the cyclists by cheering them on with our Acadian flags, cowbells and words of encouragement as they pass through Hwy 1, the 340, Second Division Rd and roads in between! During event day, tune into Radio CIFA (104.1 FM) for updates on where the cyclists are riding. Please see the attached map showing approximate times of when the lead cyclists will be passing by along the routes. If you own dogs, it would be appreciated that they be tied up. We encourage you to take photos and share!

For more information:  granfondobaiesaintemarie.ca or “Like” our Facebook page! #granfondobsm

Thank You! - The Gran Fondo Baie Sainte-Marie team

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