Council In Committee Meeting Agenda

Municipality of the District of Clare
Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 7:00 PM

1) Call to Order

2) a) Adoption of the Agenda
b) Declaration of Conflict of Interest

3) Presentations:
3.1 Yarmouth Hospital Foundation: Capital campaign for equipment (CT Scanner and Medication Management System): Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin and Brian Saulnier

4) Adoption of Minutes from Meetings
4.1 April 23rd, 2014 Regular Council Meeting
4.2 May 7th, 2014 Council-in-Committee Meeting

5) Business Arising From Previous Council Meetings
5.1 Dangerous and Unsightly Premises, Maza Road – Deputy Warden Brian Comeau

6) Warden’s Activity Report – Warden Ronnie LeBlanc

7) Official Statements from the Members of Council

8) Correspondence
8.1 Feed Nova Scotia: request for financial contribution
8.2 Université Sainte-Anne: request for $100,000 for new Water Filtration and Disinfectant System on Church Point campus
8.3 Heart & Stroke Foundation: Resolution RE National Health & Fitness Day

9) Presentation of 2014-2015 Municipal Budget and Motions to Adopt
9.1 Municipal Tax Rate: MOTION
9.2 Sewer Service Charges: MOTION
9.3 Sidewalk Streetlight Rates: MOTION
9.4 Due Date and Interest Rate Commencement Dates: MOTION
9.5 2014-2015 Municipal Budget: MOTION

10) Committee Reports
10.1 Building Permits Reports – Councillor Danny Hill
10.2 Clare Economic Development Committee – Warden Ronnie LeBlanc
10.3 Communication Committee – Warden Ronnie LeBlanc
10.4 Planning Advisory Committee – Councillor Danny Hill
10.5 Recreation Committee – Councillor Nil Doucet
10.6 Tourism Committee – Councillor Robert Thibault
10.7 Villa acadienne – Deputy Warden Brian Comeau
10.8 Waste Check – Councillor Robert Thibault

11) New Business
11.1 Second and Final Reading, and MOTION to Enact By-Law #33, By-Law Respecting Subdivisions
11.2 Second and Final Reading, and MOTION to Enact "Improvement and Takeover of Private Roads" Amendment # 29-01-2014
11.3 Cost share for Delegate to serve on F.C.M. Board – MOTION
11.4 EcoParc Development Tender Results
11.5 Letter of support "Touring Through Time" – Councillor Lester Doucet

12) In Camera Session

13) Date and Time of Next Regular Council Meeting: Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

14) Adjournment

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