Council In Committee Meeting Agenda

Municipality of the District of Clare
Wednesday, October 21rd, 2015 at 7:00 PM

1) Call to Order

2) a) Adoption of the Agenda
b) Declaration of Conflict of Interest

3) Presentations
3.1 Presentation to André Valotaire (EMO)

4) Adoption of Minutes from Meetings

4.1 September 23rd, 2015: Regular Council Meeting
4.2 October 7th, 2015: Council-In-Committee Meeting

5) Business Arising From Previous Council Meetings

5.1 Blue Dot Community
5.2 Saulnierville Legion Heating

6) Warden’s Activity Report – Warden Ronnie LeBlanc

7) Official Statements from the Members of Council


8) Correspondence
Letter from Nancy LeBlanc
Digby Port Days.

9) Chief Administrative Officer's (CAO) Report – CAO Connie Saulnier

10) Committee Reports

10.1 Building Permits Report – Councillor Danny Hill
10.2 Community Development Committee – Director, Pam Doucet
10.3 Planning Advisory Committee – Councillor Danny Hill
10.4 Villa acadienne – Deputy Warden Brian Comeau
10.5 Waste Check – Councillor Robert Thibault
10.6 RCMP Advisory Board- Nil Doucet

11) New Business

11.1 Motion to Award Snow Removal Contract
11.2 Motion to Award Legion Renovations Tender
11.3 Motion to Appoint Auditors for 2015/2016
11.4 Amendment to By-Law 31- Fire Prevention By-Law
11.5 Motion to Set Fees for Connection to the Meteghan Sewer Extension
11.6 Questions for Ministers' panel at USNM 2015 Conference

12) In Camera Session

13) Date and Time of Next Regular Council Meeting: Wednesday, November 18, 2015

14) Adjournment

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