Bylaws & Policies

The Municipal Government Act grants Council the power to pass bylaws. Bylaws are created as a way to address issues and concerns of the local community. They are created to protect the environment, public health, public safety, or to maintain an orderly appearance in your community and city.

Bylaws are subject to amendment. Citizens should consult the original documents in the Office of the City Clerk.


By-Law No.1_Interpretation

By-Law No.2_Municipal Business

By-Law No.3_Council

By-Law No.4_Payment of Councillors

By-Law No.5_Committees

By-Law No.6_Municipal Officers

By-Law No.7_Municipal Property

By-Law No.8_Solid Waste Resources 

By-Law No. 9_By-Law Respecting Noise

By-Law No.10_Explosives

By-Law No.11_Animals

By-Law No.12_Dog Amendment

By-Law No.13_Trade and Licensing

By-Law No.14_Dangerous and Unsightly Premises

By-Law No.15_Destruction of Certain Documents

By-Law No.16_Penalties

By-Law No.17_Election Deposits

By-Law No.18_Gravel Pits

By-Law No.19_Instalment Billing

By-Law No.20_Deed Transfer Tax

By-Law No.21_Mobile Home

By-Law No.22_Recreation Committee

By-Law No.23_Sewer

By-Law No.24_Fire Department Tax Exemption

By-Law No.25_Building

By-Law No.26_Repeal

By-Law No.27_Land Use

By-Law No.28_Tansient Motor Vehicle Vendors

By-Law No.29_Improvement and Takeover of Prirate Roads

By-Law No.30_Voting for Municpal Elections

By-Law No.31_Fire Prevention

By-Law No.32_EMO

By-Law No.34_Private Rd Maintenance Charge

By-Law No.35_Chief Administrative Officer

By-Law No.36_Committee of the Whole

By-Law No. 37_Subdivision

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By-Laws & Policies

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