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Haunted House of Trivia II - The Revenge

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Saturday, 19 October 2019 ; 18:30 - 21:30

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Haunted House of Trivia
Fundraiser for Belliveau Cove development Commission & l’Atelier de Clare

In one of the oldest houses in Clare located at 3147 Highway #1 Belliveau Cove there will be a Haunted House of Trivia in October 2019. Dates to be determined .

How does it work?: There will be 13 categories with 13 questions each with a halloweenie theme. All questions are multiple choice so guessing is always a great option.

Will the house terrify me? The house will be decorated for the halloween season but there will not be people waiting around corners to scare you. The house will be more dimly lit than usual for a spookier atmosphere. The route through the house will take you up and downstairs so if anybody has mobility issues let us know and all categories will be played on the main floor. There are 3 stairs needed to get into the house. This is not a race against time but a race against knowledge, or knowing totally random facts.

How many people per team? Teams of three to six players will be guided through 13 rooms, each room will contain a spooky paper with 13 multiple choice questions. As a team they will answer each question on their answer sheet before moving on to the next room and category of questions.

How long will it take? Approximately 60 to 90 minutes we think, this year we have reduced the number of answers from four to three to speed things up a little.

What is it for? A fun fundraiser for the Belliveau Cove Development Commission and l’Atelier de Clare to celebrate your knowledge of the halloween season and good time out with friends. All money collected will be divided equally between the two groups.

Where is it? Haunted House of Trivia located at 3147 highway #1 Belliveau Cove, next to Chez Jean.

Where do you meet? At Chez Jean 3139 Highway #1, Belliveau Cove

Can I use my cell phone? No electronic or ouija board devices allowed. You can bring a flashlight if it that makes you feel better.
Can I wear a costume? Yes but remember that you will be going up and down stairs so comfortable shoes or sneakers are the best options.

Can I have cheeseburgers for breakfast? Yes.

What does it cost? $15 per person, but larger donations are accepted. Payment will be accepted at Chez Jean before going to the house. Cash, debit, visa, mastercard, amex accepted.
Are there prizes? Do bragging rights count as a prize? In that case yes.

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