Various activities and events are being organized, with funding from the Municpality of Clare and Canadian Heritage, throughout the year to help celebrate Clare's 250th anniversary.

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 January 18:

Re-enactment - Oath of Allegiance signed by Solomon Maillet (7pm at the municipal office)  

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Cap Saint MAry lighthouse drone view



 May 17:

Official opening of Cape Saint Mary Lighthouse Park and Lost to the Sea Monument



June: Launch of Clare 250 commemorative wines


June 10: Theatre production by Anne LeBlanc and La Baie en Joie


June 20-24: Clare dans un soir 2


July 1: Canada Day / Clare`s 250th anniversary at Smuggler`s Cove (with Clare Recreation)


July 28: Festival acadien de Clare Opening Concert


August 15: Picnic 


August: Festival acadien de Clare`s annual Wine and Cheese event. Location: Clare Veterans Centre (date to be determined)


August: Photo expo at Rendez-vous de la Baie (in collaboration with Centre Acadien) (date to be determined)


September: Re-enactment of Joseph Dugas`s arrival at Major`s Point (date to be determined)


Old artifacts expo at Saint-Mary`s Church (date to be determined)


Night Hike guided by Paul Lalonde (date to be determined)



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